SMS Rura Flex Pump Controller

The system is designed to help a farmer as well as Eskom to save energy. This is accomplished by only operating the pump system in the “Green” zone whilst switching off in the “Red” zone.

The unit consists of a timer, SMS unit and controller. The timer controls the “Red” and “Green” zone by starting and stopping the pump as per the programmed times. The SMS unit will send the programmed operators a SMS when the pump has started, stopped, if the settings have been changed to manual or back to auto as well as any trip fault messages. The unit is equipped with a backup battery on the timer and SMS unit to ensure that the programmed times remain active during a power failure as well as to inform the operator when the Eskom power supply is on or off. The operator can also control the starter from his cell phone by means of SMS to start and stop the pump or to disable the auto start (in case of rain etc.). The unit is also equipped with a tamper switch to avoid any illegal tampering on the units.