Industrial Communications Solutions cc supplies tools to assist farmers in reducing the theft of cables, motors as well as sabotage to their machines.

    Pieter grew up in a small town called Hartswater in the Northern Cape and from a young age enjoyed taking things apart to see how they worked as well as building things from scratch. As he grew older, he soon found that he enjoyed building electronic projects and trying to find better and easier ways of making things work.

    In 1999, Pieter joined his eldest brother assisting him with electrical and mechanical work on industrial microwave systems. This was a great stepping-stone for Pieter as he soon after joined a communication company specialising in two-way communication systems, repeaters, sales, service and repairs.

    This company also specialised in farming irrigation systems, which was the start of a long rewarding journey into in to the world of centre pivot irrigation.

    In 2003 Pieter was made  a wonderful offer to work for a large irrigation company in Pietermaritzburg serving a large farming community in Kwa-Zulu Natal as well as some African countries. During the almost 10 years with the company Pieter was exposed to anything from installing, servicing and maintaining irrigational systems as well as any electrical and or electronic work required by their large client base.

    In September 2005 Pieter formed his Close Corporation called Industrial Communications Solutions CC or as we refer to it, ICS. At the time a large portion of the local farming community complained that they experienced a lot of theft on their centre pivots. It was during this time Pieter had an idea of developing a tool to assist the farmers in reducing the theft of cables, motors as well as sabotaging their machines.  At first Pieter enjoyed doing this in his spare time as a hobby, however as time passed and more ideas came to mind Pieter finally decided to spread his wings in 2012 devoting his full time to his hobby which he so enjoys doing.

    Pieter is supported by his wife Elicia and two beautiful daughters Sonika and Angelique. In his spare time now, he enjoys family life, flying model helicopters and the odd off-road adventure.