Projects - Indcomsol
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    PG March in Muden

    We install sms ruraflex pump controllers on his current pump systems to allows him to stop and start his spumps in the green (cheaper) tariff rates of Eskom. Combining the ruraflex controller with his drip irrigation system allows him to control his water on his crop and to get better heals. The system also save time by communicating with his foreman in order of power failures or pump not starting due to priming.

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    Fowler Farming in Howick

    We install sms pivot alarm on their pivots to help them with machine operation(stopping and starting)and with cable theft. Due to the fact that they do varies of crops on their pivot circles and constantly need to move them from circle to circle ,helps them to know when the  machine has reach its position. Also letting them know of breaks down and Escom failures and restores for starting of machines .                                                       
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    Karkloof Spa

    We install sms reservoir control systems on the reservoir to help them to stop and start there pumps if needed. The system also notify them with low levels on reservoirs. We also installed a sms temperature control on their cooler rooms to notify them if the coolers goes out of its set temperature and of power failures.