The basic SMS communicator (alarm) is a unit that can be controlled by a cell phone by means of a SMS.                

The unit can be used to monitor any electrical application and therfore it can be used to monitor a center pivot irrigation system. While tampering , theft and sabotage on a centre pivot irrigation system is becoming more and more evident , the need for communication between pivots and operators have become more important. With the SMS communicator, the operator is able to know when tampering, theft or sabotage is taking place. Standard features include the following: communication between pivot and operator, battery backup in the event of a power failure, it can be used on other electronic applications such as pumps and valves. Aditional options include but are not limited to the following; additional battery backup, solar power backup in the event of prolonged power failures, touch sensitive tower steps for early warning of someone climbing onto the pivot, two way radio unit where cell phone reception is limited or unavailable.

Benefits include; SMS warning when power failure occurs, SMS warning when control panel is being tampered with, SMS warning when Pivot stops and or starts and SMS warning when span cables are beign tampered with.