SMS Pivot Alarm

The basic SMS communicator (alarm) is a unit that can be controlled by a cell phone by means of a SMS.                

SMS Pump Monitor

The system is connected into the pump starter panel and therefore monitors the status of the panel.              

SMS Power Monitor

The unit is designed to monitor the main incoming power supply as well as the outgoing supply to multiple applications. 

SMS Fence Monitor

The monitor is connected to the electric fence high voltage supply and monitors the fence voltage, whether the power is on or off.

Auto Restart For Pumps

The system is wired into a starter panel a pump unit. Once Eskom goes off or back on the system will monitor the power to ensure that the correct voltage and phase rotation is supplied to the starter panel.

Radio Link Systems

The radio link system can be used for many applications where a system needs to be switched on and off over a distance where there is no or limited cell phone coverage.                                                                 

SMS Rura Flex Pump Controller

The system is designed to help a farmer as well as Eskom to save energy. This is accomplished by only operating the pump system in the “Green” zone whilst switching off in the “Red” zone.                         

SMS Temperature Controller

The unit is designed to work on a refrigerated room to monitor the temperature. If the temperature moves outside the programmed parameters the unit will send a SMS to the programmed operators           

SMS Reservoir Controller

The unit is designed to monitor the water levels in a reservoir or a dam. The unit works with level switches to notify the programmed operators at certain levels in the reservoir or dam.

Chemigation Systems

The pivot Chemigation system is designed to be used for the application of low volumes of chemicals for the ripening of a crop.                                                                                                   

SMS Gas Alarm

The gas alarm is a portable unit that is mounted in a pump house, house, shed or any other indoor area that requires protection against a possible intrusion.